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Hole-In-The-Wall Gang Flyball Club

Wyoming's First Flyball Club

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The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang hosted the seventh annual

Showdown at Hole In The Wall

Flyball Tournament

July 27-28, 2013 at the Laramie Community Ice and Event Center

A great time was had by all!!


We practice on Sundays when we get word (email message to Steve) from people that they can come

(there are so few of us lately that it's hard to get a good practice going)
at 10:00 am at the Civic Center south gym at 7th & Custer in Laramie.


Come play flyball!


New people and dogs are always welcome!

Bring a crate if you've got one and a favorite toy or tug for your dog.

Send an email to Steve and you'll get an update (when we have one) by email about what's going on!